Fandango’s Sneak Peek Of ‘Divergent’ With Director Neil Burger

Fandango was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Divergent with its director Neil Burger! See what they had to say!


Back in May, Fandango had the privilege of visiting the Chicago set of the adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent and just last week, it was off to the film’s Los Angeles edit bay to check out what director Neil Burger has accomplished as he creeps closer to locking in his final cut.

For those in need of the basics, Divergent takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the population is divided into five factions based on a citizen’s core values – Abnegation for selflessness, Dauntless for bravery, Amity for peace, Candor for honesty, and Erudite for intelligence. Shailene Woodley’s Beatrice Prior is born into Abnegation, but come the Choosing Ceremony, she’ll get the opportunity to decide for herself; stick with her family, or trust her gut and leave them behind for a new faction.

Fortunately Beatrice doesn’t have to make this life-changing decision all on her own. Prior to the Choosing Ceremony, all 16-year-olds undergo an aptitude test that reveals an individual’s disposition towards a particular faction. Trouble is, Beatrice’s results are “inconclusive,” and that’s where our preview of the film began.


The Scene

As teased in the trailer, we see a brief interaction between Beatrice and her test administrator, Maggie Q’s Tori. Tori hands her a vial of clear liquid and Beatrice drinks as instructed. One second, Beatrice is laying on the table, talking with Tori, but immediately after drinking the serum, she turns over and Tori is gone. A moment later, Beatrice sees herself in Tori’s place. She approaches the mirror image but just before their hands touch, the camera pans away, revealing more mirror images of Beatrice, and then again revealing a seemingly endless number of incarnations. Finally, one speaks up, demanding that Beatrice #1 choose between a knife and slab of raw meat. Beatrice enquires, “Why? What do I do with them?”

Immediately after, she gets her answer.

There’s a vicious, snarling dog right in front of her. The camera stays on Beatrice as she bends down and when we cut back to the dog, it’s turned into an adorable, harmless puppy. Then, just like the book, a child appears across the room, but the child in the film version is donning Abnegation grey giving the impression that she’s meant to be a young Beatrice. The young girl shouts, “Puppy,” and the dog returns to its original form and chases after her. Just in the nick of time, big Beatrice lunges on top of the beast and both sink down into a liquefied floor. Then it’s back to the aptitude test room where a frantic Tori insists that Beatrice tell her family that the serum made her sick. When Beatrice pries for her results, Tori explains, “Your results were inconclusive,” and warns, “It’s extremely rare. They call it Divergent.”

The Verdict

Even though Burger noted that the visual effects are works in progress, the mirror trick looks fantastic. We can’t be inside Beatrice’s head during her aptitude test quite like we are in the book, but between the meaning behind what she’s experiencing and the additional access via Woodley’s performance, the sequence is both enthralling and telling.

Fear Landscapes

Later on in the narrative, there’s another serum that’s pivotal to the latter half of the dauntless initiation process, the fear landscapes. Burger explained, “[Tris’] first half of training is physical, fighting and shooting, all that and the knife throwing. And then the second half of training is psychological, having to face your worst fears.” Burger noted that while those fears are very specific in the book, in his film, they expand them. “They’re very contained in the book and we kind of set them out – some of them – in the real world, or in sort of a bizarre real world. We put her outside the fence in certain places.”

Questions for Veronica

Burger kept Roth close by to insure he had a firm understanding of her book and how the world works, but he also took it one step further by trying to get a grasp on the little things, some of which are so little, they’re never even mentioned in the book. “When she’s writing a certain scene, certain things don’t matter to you, but when you’re looking at it in the movie, it’s like, okay, how is it lit? What’s powering those lights or whatever it is? Do they have money? Do they have pets? Where do they get their food? Not just from the Amity farms, but what’s a market like or isn’t there one? How is it distributed?” When asked if we’d see any of those things in the film, specifically pets, Burger laughed and explained, “You don’t see pets. A little bit. You get a sense of the world a little bit. But the movie’s very much from [Beatrice’s] point of view and so you’re going on her journey rather than wandering in the world.”

On Allegiant

If you’ve read Roth’s most recent release, Allegiant, it’s nearly impossible to look at components of Divergent the same way, especially the variety serums. When asked if having read Allegiant colored his take on Divergent, Burger admitted, “Yeah, no, it did and I was talking to Veronica while she was writing it and so I didn’t know everything that was coming, but I knew some of it so that we’d make sure we’d go off on a particular path. But yes, it’s an interesting situation in that Allegiant is so extreme in a way, but I think this movie stands on its own.”

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BuzzSugar’s Interview With ‘Divergent’ Neil Burger

Check out this interview that buzzsugar did with Divergent director Neil Burger!


We’re eagerly anticipating March 14, the release date for the big-screen adaptation of Divergent, Veronica Roth’s novel about a girl, Tris (Shailene Woodley), finding her way in a society that is divided into factions. We recently sat down with director Neil Burger and got a peek at a few of the scenes — many of which we saw a sliver of in the most recent trailer. We saw Tris get nicked by Four (love interest Theo James) in the knife-throwing sequence, Tris’s troubling aptitude test, and, best of all, a kissing scene between Tris and Four! We also chatted with Burger and a few other reporters about the scene in question — which you can watch below! — and he opened up about the very real chemistry between Woodley and James, James’s “real man” status, and that pesky Hunger Games comparison.

What’s the dynamic of the relationship between Four and Tris?
Neil Burger: I think what’s cool about the relationship is that they don’t fall in love in the beginning. There’s real friction and certainly sexual tension in their relationship, but he’s incredibly hard on her. [He’s] really pushing her, and it just has a different kind of feel to it. He’s like a stone wall, just gives nothing. It’s really confusing to her, and it’s compelling for her, and you see that in that knife throw. He cuts her, but he sort of does it on purpose, because that’s actually the only way to get her off the hook in front of Eric, who’s a real dangerous character. And then obviously later, they come together.

Why did you cast Theo James as Four?
NB: Because he’s a real man. He is. And he is tough as nails, and he is really intimidating. Shailene, actually, is a really strong actress. She’s powerful herself, and we needed somebody that was more powerful than her, which wasn’t easy to find. We found somebody who intimidated her, basically. He’s an incredible fighter. He really has those chops. There’s a number of scenes in the movie where he fights, and he’s amazing, as well as having this really wonderful quality. I’ve said this before, that he has this combination of Paul Newman crossed with Bruce Lee. He’s this wonderful man, but then he has an exotic quality to him as well. And they — Shailene and Theo — have a real natural chemistry, which you hope for. They really cared for each other and amused each other and were turn on by each other, actually. That’s partly what’s going on in the movie as well, minus the “maybe they amused each other.” There’s this sort of palpable energy for a number of different reasons in the story. They’re both from Abnegation, he’s this stone wall, he’s got these incredible secrets as well, which makes him vulnerable, which makes him put up his guard more.

Is there more or less romance in the movie than there is in the book?
NB: I think it’s similar to the book, but I think what you have is an atmosphere of sexual tension throughout the movie. There’s the romance that’s the kissing and the giving in; then there’s the cat and mouse, the dance leading up to it. That’s what there is a lot of. The movie is incredibly romantic in that way. It has this quality of romance, because they are eyeing each other and tiptoeing around each other each in their different way. There is this palpable attraction and friction and electricity between them in the while movie.

What do you make of the Hunger Games comparison to Divergent?
NB: It’s annoying. [But] this movie probably exists because of the success of that movie, and that movie exists because Twilight was a success, and Harry Potter. These movies have a lineage. The comparison, yeah, it is annoying; it is, however, a young woman in a postapocalyptic society, so the comparisons are inevitable. However, as I said, going inside this world, that’s a very prominent part of this story. This is a far more complex story than Hunger Games, and if you know the book, she starts out questioning her place in society and questioning society itself in a real way.


Watch Four and Tris in the First Exclusive Divergent Clip!

As promised Entertainment Tonight and  Yahoo! Movies  has debuted the first official clip from Divergent which features Tris and Four, and a pretty great look at his back tattoo!

We’d love to know what you think about this clip–do you love it??  Let us know!



Author Veronica Roth and Actress Shailene Woodley Talk DIVERGENT And Tris Prior


Veronica Roth and Shailene Woodley, both sporting the stylish short-haired look, spend some time in this SugarScape interview tag-teaming the explanation of the world of Divergent and the main character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior.

Check out the interview below!

Thanks to Page To Premiere for the tip!

Miles Teller to star in “That Awkward Moment”

By now, we’re all familiar with Miles Teller, who will star alongside Shailene Woodley in Divergent. Miles Teller was cast as Peter, a.k.a Tris’ fellow Dauntless initiate and one of her biggest rivals. While most fans of the “Divergent” trilogy are probably well aware that Teller and Woodley play rivals in Divergent, some fans have also had the pleasure of seeing them fall in love on screen in “The Spectacular Now,” which was widely released in the U.S. late this Summer.

Miles Teller and Zac Efron in "That Awkward Moment"

Miles Teller and Zac Efron in “That Awkward Moment”

Now, older fans of the dynamic Teller will get to see him in the upcoming film, “That Awkward Moment.” If you’re old enough (or will be old enough on Jan. 31, 2014) to get into an R-rated film, you’ll get to see Teller star alongside Zac Efron, the well-known actor who got his beginnings in children/young adult films on the Disney channel. It seems quite clear that both of these actors have done some growing up, and this film is described as a flick about “three best friends getting through an awkward time in their lives,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Check out the article for more information on the film, including a full-length trailer featuring our very own “Peter”!

Will you be checking out this film? Have you see “The Spectacular Now”? Are you completely in love with Miles yet? Let us know in the comments!

Five New Divergent Stills for You to Use in Your Fan Art!

OK, initiates, time to get creative! If you have a knack for making edits and gifs, now is your chance to be featured on the official Divergent movie Tumblr! For details on how to make this happen–see below.  (By the way, here are some new stills!)


Dearest fans,

We are sharing 5 exclusive stills from Divergent to use for your fabulous fan art!

Create your artwork in PHOTO or GIF format and submit it by either:

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We’ll select your art this week to be part of the DIVERGENT Tumblr page!



Video: New Footage of Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews

Entertainment Tonight released another behind-the-scenes video which features some new footage of Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews.  Personally, I’m not sure how one could watch this and NOT agree that Winslet is PERFECT for the role, right??

The Fandom’s Visit to the Divergent Set

In May, Summit Entertainment generously invited The Fandom along with other fan sites—Divergent LexiconDivergent Fans, Divergent Movies, I Am Divergent, Divergent Examiner, Divergent Guide, and Divergent Society—to visit the Chicago set of Divergent.  While in Chicago  we got to chat with the amazing cast and crew,  hang out on set where we had the privilege of watching a scene be filmed, saw some remarkable concept art, got an up-close view of the costumes, and even had the chance to do some Windy City sightseeing, which included a ride on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel–in the gondola, of course, as climbing is prohibited!  Another of our stops in the city was the Abnegation neighborhood located at 600 S Wells.  The uniform, square, Abnegation gray houses were built for the film and visible from the road; however our group had the opportunity to go inside the fence and see the houses up close while they were in various stages of completeness, as you can see below.


In addition to this incredible experience, we had the pleasure of meeting with the cast from the bottom of The Pit! While we couldn’t take any photos while at the indoor set,  I can assure you it was AMAZING! The morning of our first day on set we spoke with a number of the cast members, most of which will we tell you about in future posts, but today we’re sharing our interview with Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Zoe Kravitz (Christina) who came to us as a pair.  It’s worth noting how refreshing it was to see what wonderful chemistry those two have–it’s clear they’re great friends, which comes across in the interview as they banter with each other. Overall the cast, which you’ll know if you follow them on social media, all get along so well and Shai and Zoe are no exception.  Among the things they discuss with us are their characters, favorite days on set, and why Theo James is the perfect Four!


Shailene, was it intimidating for you to come into sort of a heroic type of YA literature role?

Shailene: It was intimidating because of the word heroic. I don’t think Tris is a hero necessarily–she’s not a super hero and she’s not like an action star, she’s just a normal girl who’s put in a very elevated situation and she has to rise to the occasion. Just in the same way had it been Christina who had been in this situation, she would have risen to that event. I don’t think that Tris is more special than anyone else, she’s just the one that has to be girl who has to get her sh*t together.

Zoe: (laughs) Get your sh*t together.

Do you relate to your characters in any way?

Shailene: You relate to yours a lot right?

Zoe: Yeah, because I can’t keep my mouth shut? Yes I do, I do. Christina’s like, she’s brave and she’s wacky and she’s honest. I have no filter either.

Shailene: They’re both Sagittarius.

Zoe: It’s true.

Were you excited when you got the parts?

Shailene: Very excited. Yeah, I was more excited when she got the part.

Zoe: Aww.

Were you guys friends before this?

Zoe: No. 

Shailene: SUCH good friends. Yeah, we met doing this. We had a lot of mutual friends.

You guys are obviously wearing very different costumes. How much does it help you to step out of those and into Dauntless?

Shailene: You want to take that?

Zoe: Go for it. 

Shailene: Well, you see right now I’m wearing some laundry cloths…some kitchen wipes. Um, no I think the Dauntless clothes are very cool because they’re very tactical based and Carlo the designer did a really good job at making them functional as well as physical beautiful for the eyes to look at. And so to transform obviously from going into a dress to leggings that you can move and run and kick in is a pretty big difference.

Zoe: Yeah I mean the Dauntless outfits are badass–you feel tougher depending on what you’re wearing. I put on my big army boots and I’m ready to fight.

Go below the cut for the rest of the interview.

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The Bare Side of DIVERGENT’s Miles Teller

Miles Teller, who will play Peter in the movie adaptation of Divergent in March of 2014, has been known to play the party-goer-type guy (Project X, 21 & Over) who does boneheaded things, and his upcoming movie, That Awkward Moment, is no exception.  There’s a red-band trailer out, and here’s a sneak peek of him in it, just for chuckles:


Go to Yahoo! Movies to check out the red-band trailer.  Note: According to Yahoo!, you must be 17 years old to watch it.


Veronica Roth Talks ALLEGIANT

Veronica Roth sat down with Harper Teen to talk about ALLEGIANT, the characters that have surprised her the most (including the one who refused to die!), and visiting the DIVERGENT movie set!