Google Hangout With Veronica Roth Today

Today is the Google Hangout With Veronica Roth at 4 PM ET! She will be talking about Allegiant, and answering questions about the book! Submit your question here on Vulture. You can also tune in by adding Vulture on Google+.

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Win a Ticket To YALLFest’s Keynote Conversation Featuring Veronica Roth!

In celebration of being just a week away from  YALLFest, they are  giving away 10 tickets to the Keynote conversation featuring Veronica Roth!  See below for details on how to win!


In celebration of ONE WEEK until YALLFEST, we are giving away tickets to the Keynote conversation. You can enter on our Facebook page, on the GIVEAWAY tab.

YALLfest is giving away 10 single tickets to the Keynote address featuring Veronica Roth. This giveaway includes a single ticket to the event as well as a wristband to join the signing line.

The giveaway will be open from (11/2-11/6) to those planning on attending YALLFest. Tickets are non-transferable and once winners are announced they have 24 hours to claim the ticket before another name will be drawn.

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Veronica Roth Upcoming Tour Stops

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

The series may have ended but Veronica Roth‘s work is far from over, she still has more stops with her tour promoting Allegiant‘. Veronica will be going overseas to Ireland, London and then back to the US in South Carolina just in time for YALL Fest as she shared on her blog.

Here’s the info:

Sunday, Nov. 3, 3PM
Eason’s O’Connell St


Wednesday, Nov. 6, 6:30PM
Prince Charles Theatre, Leicester Square
Hosted by Waterstones


Yall Fest
Charleston, SC
Saturday, Nov. 9
details here

Veronica Roth Talks Allegiant Ending in Detail


Veronica Roth took to tumblr to discuss in detail the ending of Allegiant and the events throughout the trilogy that ultimately lead up to that ending. While she respects fans opinions, Roth explains why she chose the end the series the way she did and says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Naturally, this post is RIDDLED WITH SPOILERS. Beware!

Click here to read!

Video: Veronica Roth’s Allegiant Tour Hits Chicago

Check out this video of Veronica Roth in Chicago at the Tivoli Theater at the last stop on her Allegiant tour!

Veronica Roth Discusses the End of Allegiant with MTV

Veronica Roth gave her first spoiler-filled interview on Allegiant with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, where she discusses what happens at the end. Seriously, this is FULL OF SPOILERS!  Do not proceed unless you’ve already read the book, or don’t mind being spoiled! You’ve been warned!  If you still want to watch, click on the image below for video.

veronica roth MTV interview


Roth also published a lengthy post on her blog today where she goes in depth about the end of Allegiant, which you can read here.

19 Divergent Facts from Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth talked to Buzzfeed about the 19 Things You Should Know About The Divergent Series! This is blissfully FREE OF MAJOR ALLEGIANT SPOILERS!


Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

5. Roth considered writing parts of Allegiant from Caleb’s and Natalie’s point of view.

At the 2013 National Book Festival, you stated that you almost wrote the book from Caleb’s and someone else’s perspective. Can you tell us who that person was?

VR: I tried out Caleb, I tried out Tobias (obviously that one worked), and I tried out journal entries retrospective from Natalie’s point of view to intersperse with the forward narrative. That couldn’t sustain over the entire book, and it didn’t address the story from the angles that I wanted to address it from, so I had to get rid of that one too.

Was it weird writing from Tobias’ point of view or did you love switching voices?

VR: I thought it was fun because Tris’ voice is very stereotypically masculine, very straightforward, very direct, kind of repetitive. Tobias’ is a little more poetic, a little more descriptive, and he generally shares more. Tris is always withholding, but Tobias shares everything, so it was interesting to see those dynamics and how they turned over my expectations of those people. It was fun, but it was hard.

Click here to see the full list!