Preview Divergent Exclusive First Clip Which Will Debut Tomorrow

Entertainment Tonight will be airing the very first full clip from Divergent tomorrow night, followed Yahoo! Movies Online at 6:00 pm!  See preview below!

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Neil Burger’s Commentary on the Divergent Trailer

Remember earlier this week when the official trailer for Divergent was released?  Hard to forget something that awesome, right?  Well, director Neil Burger, visited MTV and gave them a frame-by-frame breakdown of the trailer and it’s totally worth a watch.  To do so, click on the image below!

neil burger commentary

Setting the Scene
” ‘Divergent’ takes place 100 years in the future after some kind of war or catastrophe happened, and society’s been reformed into five factions,” Burger says, setting the scene of the film. The cast and crew filmed in Chicago, using real, dilapidated buildings for the exterior shots and only utilizing CGI to turn Lake Michigan into a dried-up marsh.

The Aptitude Test That Changes Everything
As heroine Tris Prior, Shailene Woodley undergoes an aptitude test to determine which faction she belongs in. Burger describes the test as a “controlled nightmare,” pitting the teen against her darkest fears. Until, that is, she discovers the ability to mentally overcome the test. “What she learns, as they say, is that her results are inconclusive. She doesn’t fit in anywhere and she’s what’s known as Divergent,” Burger says. “She doesn’t understand at this point, she just knows that it’s dangerous.”

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Video: Veronica Roth Reads First Chapter Of Allegiant

Here it is guys — Veronica Roth reading chapter one from Allegiant! Enjoy!

VIDEO–Divergent Preview: Taking a Stand

Check out this awesome preview of Divergent!

EW Comic-Con Interviews with DIVERGENT Cast



During San Diego Comic-Con that took place in July, Entertainment Weekly got to spend some time with the cast of the Divergent movie.  Check out the videos after the jump!

The first video is with director Neil Burger, author Veronica Roth, and actors Shailene Woodley and Theo James.  The second video introduces actors Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Maggie Q, and Ansel Elgort.

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Videos: Divergent Cast Comic-Con Party Interviews

Want more video interviews of the cast from Comic-Con?  You’re in luck!  Check out these interviews from the Summit red carpet.

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Entertainment Weekly’s DIVERGENT Photoshoot Video

DIVERGENTYou saw the Divergent images in the Entertainment Weekly magazine, yes?  Well, maybe you missed the video of the photoshoot, which included some comments from the stars, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, who play Tris Prior and Four respectively.

Theo talks a little about Shailene and what surprised him about her:

“I’d say her eating habits, uh, intrigue me.  She is an excellent cook of organic food, and hates anything that’s made by the man!”

Here’s when words are not enough and you have to watch the video to see what words he emphasizes humorously.

In regards to looking for the right Four, Shailene expresses why Theo was right for the role:

“He’s a very masculine man.  And I think it’s hard to play masculine when you don’t actually embody that and live from that place every day of your life.  We really needed a guy who was able to give off that vibe in a very natural and authentic way.”

She goes on to include what she thought of Theo James, which many might agree with:

“And when Theo walked in, he definitely… naturally… emitted… those, uh… those, uh… vibrations.”

Yep, I’m sure at least some of the fans can admit to feeling those vibrations as well, Shai.  Thanks.

Watch the video below: