Divergent Factions

These awesome stamps you see below were made by one of our Divergent admins, Ellie! You can find more in her forum post here!

*Work in Progress*


  • Definition– the act of renouncing or rejecting something; self-denial
  • Purpose/Beliefs– To value selflessness, discourage any action for that person’s own enjoyment
  • Clothing/Appearance– Grey and simple clothing. Females typically wear their hair in a simple bun and a watch is their only allowed adornment


  • Definition– Having or showing great knowledge or learning
  • Purpose/Beliefs– the Erudite primarily serve as teachers and researchers. Values knowledge because a lack of knowledge could lead to ignorance.
  • Clothing/Appearance– Each Erudite member must be wearing at least one article of blue colored clothing at all times. They believe that the color blue is calming, which eases the attainment of new information.


  • Definition-Frankness; the quality of being open and honest
  • Purpose/Beliefs– Value honesty. Blame deceitfulness for the world’s problems.
  • Clothing/Appearance– Members of this faction where black and white as a reflection of their belief that the truth is black and white.


  • Definition- Friendship; especially in regards to friendly relations between nations
  • Purpose/Beliefs- They value peace and friendship, and believe the world’s problems can be resolved by simply learning to understand your fellow citizens. They blame aggression for the problems in the world.
  • Clothing/Appearance- Amity members dress comfortably in colors of red and yellow.
  • Location- Amity Sector: located in the outskirts of the city, where the train tracks end and there are no dilapidated buildings, only trees and fields and forests.
  • Contributions to the society/Jobs- The society’s only artists, they love to sing and play instruments, they are also great counselors and caretakers, and the faction is responsible for the agricultural duties of the society.
  • Fun Facts- They greet each other with a hug!


  • Definition- Fearless, undaunted; inclined to rush towards danger rather than away from it.
  • Purpose/Beliefs- Value being tough, both physically and mentally, and courageous. The Dauntless don’t hesitate or fear, and blame cowardice for the problems in the world.
  • Clothing/Appearance- Always dress in dark colors, mainly black. The women and girls wear risque clothing; skin tight black pants, tights and shirts, tight dresses and black shoes and boots are worn. The men wear black pants and shirts that are form-fitting as well, and many of the members of the faction have body piercings and multiple tattoos. Tattoos are worn by almost every Dauntless in the city.
  • Location- Housed in a large, underground cavern with a glass roof, which is their only natural source of sunlight, that they call “The Pit.” In the Pit, there are shops, tattoo parlors, and various paths to dormitories, living spaces, the Dauntless HQ, arena and training room.
  • Contribution to the society/Jobs- Guards at the fence that protects the city for the past 5 years. The majority of Dauntless initiates become guards at the fence, but those that are in the top 5 secure better jobs, usually in government.
  • Fun Facts- This faction is the only faction to ride the trains!

The Factionless:

  • Definition- Homeless, without a faction; doesn’t belong.
  • Purpose/Beliefs- Not yet confirmed; they either got kicked out of their faction, failed the initiation of their faction, or chose to go without having a faction.
  • Clothing/Appearance- They use hand-me-downs and worn clothes that Abnegation collects for them, or wear the clothes they are given for performing different tasks within the society.
  • Location- The Factionless reside in the most broken-down area of the society, where sewage systems are showing above ground, and collapsed subway systems and train rails show amongst the rubble of broken down and dilapidated buildings.
  • Contribution to the society/Jobs- Forced to do the work that no one else will do, they drive busses, work as janitors, construction workers, garbage collectors, and beggars. Their only payment is in food and clothes, and they receive very little.
  • Fun Facts- …if you can think of anything fun about this group of people, let us know!


  • Definition- Diverging; To different in opinion, character, etc. — to deviate from the “norm”.
  • Purpose/Beliefs- Not sure of themselves, or why their minds can’t be sorted into one faction. No set belief, they are all hiding in secret.
  • Clothing/Appearance- As they’re in hiding, they’d be blending in with various factions, maybe even factionless, very hard to identify.
  • Location- Unknown.
  • Contribution to the society/Jobs- Feared and envied  of their capabilities by government officials, they are killed if their Divergence is found out.
  • Fun Facts- 
  • Tris’ mom, Beatrice Prior was raised in Dauntless, and joined Abnegation… she was Divergent.
  • From what we know, most Divergents are a combination of Abnegation and Dauntless

13 responses to “Divergent Factions

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  3. OK thats just scary Maya. Anyways, definitely Amity! Love nature, music and art. Treehugger. I tried to start a protest to get a bike path not built in the woods behind my house. sadly, I failed.

  4. dauntless all the way!! but then again, i value intelligence and selflessness… so… divergent? hehe, but i think i was born either abnegation or erudite 😀

  5. Dauntless for sure! I guess being rebellious kind of runs in the family 😀 It’s not that I usually run right into trouble… trouble usually finds me all by itself… 🙂

  6. I’d probably be Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite, so Divergent (Either Candor-born or Abnegation-born; I think my grandma would be a transfer from Erudite to Abnegation and my grandpa an Abnegation-born, then my mom might transfer to Dauntless…Dauntless-born is a possibility, too. Erudite-Born, nope.) . The reason I’m not Amity is because I feel like punching a person when they’re too nice. . .

  7. I’d be either Erudite or Dauntless, so divergent.
    Erudite because i value learning, divergent b/c i love a good rush

  8. I want to be dauntless but i can’t cause my parents won’t let me. They want me to be kind and sweet but i’m not.. Well, this can be a story too haha