EW Comic-Con Interviews with DIVERGENT Cast



During San Diego Comic-Con that took place in July, Entertainment Weekly got to spend some time with the cast of the Divergent movie.  Check out the videos after the jump!

The first video is with director Neil Burger, author Veronica Roth, and actors Shailene Woodley and Theo James.  The second video introduces actors Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Maggie Q, and Ansel Elgort.

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First Look Inside Allegiant Tomorrow!

The official Facebook page for the Divergent trilogy posted earlier today that we’ll get our first look inside Allegiant! 

allegiant fb

Keeps your eyes peeled tomorrow morning for the reveal by Entertainment Weekly!

DIVERGENT Releases Promotional Images of Shailene Woodley’s Tris and Theo James’ Four


Here are some Divergent promotional images of Shailene Woodley as Tris Prior and Theo James as Four, which were taken during the Entertainment Weekly cover shoot.

(source: PagetoPremiere via Fangirlish)

Latest DIVERGENT Still Shows Terrified Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz

This Divergent image, which will appear in Entertainment Weekly magazine’s Comic-Con issue, was sent out from Divergents UK, showing Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz, as Tris and Christina, jumping off the train.  Considering their clothes and the expression on their faces, this is their first jump off the train.


What do you think of this still?  Does it convey the type of emotion you’d imagined them having jumping off a train for the first time?

via Shelf to Screen.

Entertainment Weekly’s DIVERGENT Photoshoot Video

DIVERGENTYou saw the Divergent images in the Entertainment Weekly magazine, yes?  Well, maybe you missed the video of the photoshoot, which included some comments from the stars, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, who play Tris Prior and Four respectively.

Theo talks a little about Shailene and what surprised him about her:

“I’d say her eating habits, uh, intrigue me.  She is an excellent cook of organic food, and hates anything that’s made by the man!”

Here’s when words are not enough and you have to watch the video to see what words he emphasizes humorously.

In regards to looking for the right Four, Shailene expresses why Theo was right for the role:

“He’s a very masculine man.  And I think it’s hard to play masculine when you don’t actually embody that and live from that place every day of your life.  We really needed a guy who was able to give off that vibe in a very natural and authentic way.”

She goes on to include what she thought of Theo James, which many might agree with:

“And when Theo walked in, he definitely… naturally… emitted… those, uh… those, uh… vibrations.”

Yep, I’m sure at least some of the fans can admit to feeling those vibrations as well, Shai.  Thanks.

Watch the video below:

Entertainment Weekly to Reveal First Look at Theo James as Four–Tomorrow!

We’ve seen some great stills and set photos so far, but we still haven’t seen one of Four–that changes tomorrow!  Entertainment Weekly is giving us our first look at Theo James as Four tomorrow at 9:30 am PT! While you wait, check out the little tease they released.

From the Divergent Movie Facebook Page:

Is this what you’ve been waiting “FOUR?” See the whole picture tomorrow on Entertainment Weekly at 9:30am PT!



Silly question:  Who’s excited?!  Check back here tomorrow for the complete photo.

Veronica Roth talks Badass Heroines with Leigh Bardugo

In a recent conversation moderated by Entertainment Weekly, Veronica Roth chatted with fellow author Leigh Bardugo (Shadow & Bone) about YA Lit, writing, and the importance of sexy, “competent” boys and badass heroines!


Although they face extraordinary circumstances, Alina and Tris remain relatable as teenage girls — how much of their character makeups are based on your own experiences growing up?

L: Alina is very much an outsider and I certainly felt that way growing up. She really grapples with her desire to belong and find a place in the world, and she makes some bad choices because of it. And… now that I think about it, I was raised by my grandparents in this sort of strange neighborhood where there were pretty much no other kids. Their house was up on a hill and I was left to my own devices a lot of the time. I wonder if some of that sense of isolation crept into the description of Keramzin (the orphanage where Mal and Alina grow up).

V: That sense of isolation is a huge part of why Alina is relatable, I think — how many teenagers, and heck, even adults, feel alone in this world? I certainly did, at that age.

Tris’s experience is very much the opposite of mine. I grew up in a very free environment in which I was always encouraged to follow my natural inclinations, and I grew into a very careful, somewhat neurotic adult, for whatever reason. Tris grew up in a controlled, restrictive environment and ultimately sought freedom above all else. I think that Tris’s arc expresses some of my internal longing to escape my anxious brain. The inside of my head is a little like an Abnegation house sometimes. I don’t think Tris has much to do with my experiences growing up, though she’s certainly informed by some of the things that have formed me as a person.

Both Alina and Tris are strong, brave characters. They’re characters that girls admire. What other heroines found in literature have you admired?

L: I’m so tempted to be like, “Bertha Rochester because she burns it all down!” Most of the female characters I admire come from science fiction and fantasy, maybe because there’s more permission to shake up gender roles in genre. Alanna is a favorite, definitely Hermione. And I really adore Brienne of Tarth. She’s sometimes presented as naive or almost dogmatic in her worldview, but I love her conviction.

V: Hermione! Yes! She is a wonderful character, and I love that JK Rowling made a nerdy book-loving girl into a Gryffindor. It’s funny you should mention Bertha Rochester, Leigh, because one of my other favorites is Jane Eyre. She has some pretty strong convictions, too, and is willing to leave the man she loves in order to stand by them, which I think is amazing. More recently I’ve loved some complicated, “unlikable” characters in particular — Sam from Before I Fall, Ruby from Imaginary Girls.

To read the full interview, go to Entertainment Weekly!