DIVERGENT Poster Brings Eric to Life

Here’s Wednesday’s Divergent poster of Eric, the cruel leader of Dauntless.


How would you like this guy in your face, and I mean that in a bad way.

Eric is played by Jai Courtney.

via Buzzfeed.

Five New Divergent Stills for You to Use in Your Fan Art!

OK, initiates, time to get creative! If you have a knack for making edits and gifs, now is your chance to be featured on the official Divergent movie Tumblr! For details on how to make this happen–see below.  (By the way, here are some new stills!)


Dearest fans,

We are sharing 5 exclusive stills from Divergent to use for your fabulous fan art!

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We’ll select your art this week to be part of the DIVERGENT Tumblr page!



Jai Courtney Talks Divergent, Playing Eric

In a recent interview with Australia’s  The Daily Telegraph, Jai Courtney touches on playing the antagonist and director Neil Burger.


Courtney plays Eric, one of the film’s baddies, a merciless senior member of one of the five factions to which humans must belong in the future.

“I’ll be walking back down the more antagonistic path with the role I’m playing, which is always fun,” said Courtney, who also played a bad guy in the Tom Cruise flick Jack Reacher.

Divergent, another adaptation of a series of young adult novels (written by Veronica Roth), is currently shooting in Chicago. The movie opens in Australia on March 20, 2014.

While here last March, Courtney was pretty tight-lipped about the “fresh news” and what role he would play in the project. He did say that the director was one reason he signed on.

“Neil Burger’s done some wonderful visual stuff. He had this film Limitless that came out a couple of years ago with Bradley Cooper and I really liked what he did with that. He also directed The Illusionist, another cool film.

“I think Divergent it’s a really cool story and has potential to be something really wonderful.”


New HD Versions Of The Stills From EW

Here are the new HD Versions of the stills we got from EW! Enjoy!

Nine HQ Stills From Divergent

EW has released even more Divergent stills– and these ones are HQ! We get a number of great shots of Tris and Four, plus a first look at some other characters such as Maggie Q as Tori!









Tris and Four EW

There’s been tons of Divergent goodness today, right?! Which still is YOUR favorite?  Let us know!!