Divergent Fandom Jewelry Gets Gusty

With all the grit in a story like Divergent, fandom accessories can’t all be charms and glittery beads!

Therefore, the Divergent Fashions Etsy Shop has created its own line of Divergent based jewelry using, of all things, bullets. They’re empty shells that have never held gunpowder or primer, so they’re perfectly legal to wear, but they do look quite menacing!

The bullet for each faction has its own unique attributes. Take a look!

Abnegation Bullet Casing Divergent Jewelry


Dauntless Bullet Casing Divergent Jewelry


Erudite Bullet Casing Divergent Jewelry


Amity Bullet Casing Divergent Jewelry


Candor Bullet Casing Divergent Jewelry


You can see the rest of Divergent Fashions’ designs here!

The Factions by Shyannah

I’m totally in love with these images sent to me via email at Divergent Nation. So  so good!

Shyannah also has an Etsy shop with some Divergent pieces, check them out here!

Divergent Jewelry & Accessories

The famous 5 factions have turned into key chains and bracelets!

Check these out!


By Toilntreble (Jenna’s Jewelry)

Divergent 5 Factions Bracelet   Divergent "First jumper, Tris" fancy book charm Quote Necklace

By TheGreenForest

Divergent Jewelry: Tris’ First Tattoo

The first tattoo Tris Prior gets (three ravens flying along her collarbone to represent the members of her family) has become an idyllic image in the Divergent fandom! Now you can wear her mark too… without all the ink and needles!

Check out these great “first tattoo” jewelry designs!

Divergent Tris first tattoo three flying birds TheGreenForrest

By TheGreenForrest

Divergent Tris first tattoo three flying birds Sawyer and Scout

By Sawyer and Scout

Divergent Tris three flying birds first tattoo The Meadow

By The Meadow

Which is your favorite?

Three’s a Charm: Divergent Faction Necklace

As Divergent grows in popularity, we’ve seen a lot of fantastic new Divergent themed jewelry, like this piece entitled Three’s a Charm by Rhea’s Renditions:

Three's a Charm Divergent Faction Necklace Rhea's Renditions Etsy

Rhea’s Renditions on Etsy

This choker-style necklaces features three brass ravens in antique silver cogs surrounding the faction token of your choice. We think it’s a beautiful piece of Divergent art that captures the beauty of Tris’ tattoo while also letting you show off your faction allegiance!

The best part? 50% of the profits for Rhea’s Rendition’s go to charitable organizations!