Fandango’s “Official Preview: Factions”

Check out Fandango’s exclusive Divergent featurette which highlights the factions.  There are also some pretty great shots of that we don’t see in the trailer such as Four helping Tris out of the net after her first jump!  Also, there’s some great commentary from the cast.

New Divergent Factions Infographic

Summit Entertainment has put together this snazzy inforgraphic, which was revealed on Buzzfeed earlier today, briefly detailing the factions found in the world of Divergent. 

Faction Infographic

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller Talk Factions with HuffPost Live

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller sat down with HuffPost Live to promote their latest film, The Spectacular Now, where they gave a short lesson on factions!  Click the image below for interview.

miles and shai


Today’s Divergent Set Photos of All Five Factions in Costume

Another big day for Divergent set photos in Chicago!  These photos were taken by @ajh7471  who snapped some great shots of members of each factions in their costumes.  I think this might be the best view we’ve had of the Amity costumes thus far–what do you think of them?  Let us know what you think of all the costumes in the comments section below!











Divergent Reveals All Five Faction Symbols on Instagram

At the end of today’s Choosing Ceremony all five faction symbols were revealed on the official Divergent Instagram account! Each black and white symbol comes complete with that faction’s manifesto–which are all quite powerful.   Each symbol can be seen below in the order it was released. Let us know what you think of them and what faction you chose today! And don’t forget to follow Divergent on Instagram if you aren’t already.







Faction Symbols By ~ElijahVD

Check out these fan made versions of the five faction symbols!

dauntless__the_brave_by_elijahvd-d5s1caa (1)

abnegation__the_selfless_by_elijahvd-d65hfjt (1)

amity__the_peaceful_by_elijahvd-d65hge8 (1)

candor__the_honest_by_elijahvd-d65hg5c (1)

erudite__the_intelligent_by_elijahvd-d65hgjg (1)

Art by ElijahVD

Divergent Fan Art


Here is a fan art piece I thought was really cool!


More Divergent Inspired Teas!

If the factions are good for inspiring one thing, apparently it’s… tea?


We showed you lambdse’s Divergent themed teas last month, now forevercreating has introduced her own blend of faction teas!


Each tea blend is being sold for $10 for a 3oz puch and $24 for  6oz tin, but if you contact the creator, you can get a $5 gift certificate!

Divergent Friendship Bracelets

cakieforlife has made these friendship bracelets inspired by Divergent:

She says this about what they are:

It has a braid for each of the factions then a twist to show that it’s your choice, but they’re all tied together to indicate the Divergent.

I have always been a fan of fandom-inspired accessories, and I certainly love this. What do you guys think? Have any ideas for Divergent-inspired crafts?

The Divergent Pronunciation Guide

Veronica Roth has heard some pretty funky pronunciations of Divergent characters and factions over the past year, so she literally spelled it all out for us in her latest blog!

 Tris: TRIH-ss (As opposed to “treece” or “tryce,” both of which I’ve heard.)
Tobias: Tuh-BYE-us
Uriah: Yer-EYE-uh
Jeanine: Juh-NEEN

Divergent: Die-ver-jen-t
Abnegation: Ab-neg-ay-shun
Amity: Am-it-ee
Candor: Can-der
Dauntless: Dawn-t-less
And the big one:
Erudite: Air-yoo-dyte

Were you pronouncing any of these incorrectly before Veronica cleared it up?