Train To Amity Music

There’s a reason why we keep posting this guy’s music on the site, and it’s not because he helped with the site!  It’s because his music is so good!

I Am Brave Score By Sam Cushion

Here’s another beautiful, daunting piece from Sam the man!


Thanks to Divergent Nation for the heads up.

Capture The Flag Score By Sam Cushion

Here’s a another fan made music piece by Sam Cushion, based on Capture The Flag scene in the book, Divergent.  Enjoy!

Check out Sam’s YouTube page for more of his music.

Divergent Main Theme Instrumental

Sam Cushion has done it again!  He’s created a wonderful piece that I think really goes well with the theme of the book.   My only complaint about it was that it wasn’t long enough.  Good job, Sam.


To hear more of Sam’s music, go here.

The Aptitude Test Instrumental

Yet another brilliant piece of music by Sam Cushion.

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