Unofficial Score-Divergent

Sam Cushion of UnofficialScore on Youtube has made a Divergent Inspired album!
His album name is “Factionless” which includes songs such as; Divergent, Beatrice, Capture the flag and a whole lot more!

Visit his YouTube channel here
Download and support his album on iTunes here
And purchase his digital album over here


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New Song from Fan-Made Divergent Soundtrack- “Choosing Ceremony”

Pre-order your copy of “Factionless” the fan-made Divergent score here!

Check out Sam Cushion’s “Factionless” Trailer!

I love this! Haven’t heard Sam Cushion’s amazing Divergent inspired music yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Sam is released his Divergent score, titled “Factionless” on June 19th! I’ve pre-ordered my copy, you should too! You can check out the track list and pre-order your copy here!

Want to listen to a couple of the album’s tracks before you buy? Listen on Sam’s YouTube page!

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Train To Amity Music

There’s a reason why we keep posting this guy’s music on the site, and it’s not because he helped with the site!  It’s because his music is so good!

Listen to “A Break in the Glass” from “Factionless” the Unofficial Divergent Score!

Click here to pre-order Factionless! I’ve already pre-ordered mine!


Divergent Main Theme Instrumental

Sam Cushion has done it again!  He’s created a wonderful piece that I think really goes well with the theme of the book.   My only complaint about it was that it wasn’t long enough.  Good job, Sam.


To hear more of Sam’s music, go here.

The Aptitude Test Instrumental

Yet another brilliant piece of music by Sam Cushion.

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I Am Dauntless Instrumental

Sam Cushion created this striking fan-made instrumental piece for the Dauntless. Do you feel this embodies what Dauntless is? Does it strike a chord for you?


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