Veronica Roth Shares Her Set Visit Experience, Addresses Uriah’s Absence From Film

Veronica Roth recently visited the set of Divergent and posted about the experience on her blog.  In addition to her account of meeting the cast and crew, she also confirms that Uriah will not be cast until the second film.

Veronica Roth

Roth’s experience meeting the cast:

I know you’re probably mostly interested in the cast, because that’s who you’ll actually see on the screen. Let me first say that everyone was so nice, despite the fact that, for the first half of the day, I was too stunned to form coherent sentences. The people I talked to: Shailene Woodley (Tris), Theo James (Four), Jai Courtney (Eric), Christian Madsen (Al), Miles Teller (Peter), Ben Lamb (Edward), Ben Lloyd Hughes (Will), Zoe Kravitz (Christina), Amy Newbold (Molly). Basically, the whole Dauntless gang.
And they were all awesome. What can I tell you? They were all SO GOOD in that scene. Every time! Which is probably why I was able to watch it so many times! Without getting tired of it! Exclamation points!

And here’s what she had to say about Uriah not being cast in the film:

Now, to address something else– the issue of Uriah. Some of you may have heard, and some may not, that Uriah won’t be cast until the second movie, if we are fortunate enough to make another one. It is understandably disappointing when a favorite character doesn’t make it on screen. However, what I do think is encouraging is that the people working on the movie are taking the role of Uriah so seriously and taking so much care to get him right.
How do you feel about Uriah being cut from the film?  Like she says, it is disappointing when a character doesn’t make it, so we understand that.  However,  this isn’t unusual when books are adapted to film.  Assuming Insurgent gets the green light, we look forward to seeing him there!

For the complete story check out Veronica’s Blog!  Thanks to Page to Premiere  for the heads up!

Divergent Movie: Twilight’s Boo Boo Stewart Interested in Playing Uriah

Twilight Saga actor Boo Boo Stewart recently came forward on Twitter to thank the fans that have been fancasting and campaigning for him to play the role of Uriah in the upcoming Divergent film.

When asked if he would be interested in the part, Boo Boo said that he would be!

Uriah is described in the books as tall with bronze or light brown skin and a snake tattoo behind his ear. Do you think Boo Boo could pull it off?

Divergent Movie: Twilight's Boo Boo Stewart Interested in Playing Uriah


Peas: Uriah / Marlene Fan Art

It may have been an uncomfortable moment for Tris, but we loved reading as she calmly tried to busy herself with her peas while Uriah and Marlene brazenly smooched next to her in Insurgent.

Thankfully, Divergent artist extraordinaire ice-ridden captured to moment perfectly in this piece:

Peas Ice-Ridden Divergent Insurgent Tris Uriah Marlene

By Ice-Ridden

Awwww the good ol’ days! All sweet and innocent, for the Dauntless!

There’s just not enough Uriah fan art out there these days, is there?

The Divergent Pronunciation Guide

Veronica Roth has heard some pretty funky pronunciations of Divergent characters and factions over the past year, so she literally spelled it all out for us in her latest blog!

 Tris: TRIH-ss (As opposed to “treece” or “tryce,” both of which I’ve heard.)
Tobias: Tuh-BYE-us
Uriah: Yer-EYE-uh
Jeanine: Juh-NEEN

Divergent: Die-ver-jen-t
Abnegation: Ab-neg-ay-shun
Amity: Am-it-ee
Candor: Can-der
Dauntless: Dawn-t-less
And the big one:
Erudite: Air-yoo-dyte

Were you pronouncing any of these incorrectly before Veronica cleared it up?

Veronica on Tris and Tris/Uriah!

A few days ago, Veronica Roth was asked about similarities between herself and Tris. Roth was quick to point out that there were more differences than similarities and I was surprised when I went on Veronica Roth’s tumblr and saw this quote about Tris:

“There’s a lot I admire about her, and there’s a lot I don’t admire.”

I guess I always assume writers write characters that they absolutely love and/or want to be like! How much fun would that be though? I suppose the reason we all love Tris so much is that she’s got her own flaws, and is definitely an awesome character in her own right.

On Uriah and Tris, Roth cryptically says:

“Can’t say. But I have said there’s no love triangle in book 2, so take from that what you will.”

I ABSOLUTELY love Tris and Tobias/Four together, but I always felt a little something between Uriah and Tris! I thought, at first, it could be admiration on Uriah’s part… he and his friends seem to be really accepting of Tris when they seem to see how “cool” of an initiate she is. I wonder if there are any other motives — good or evil — for Uriah treating Tris the way he does? Regardless of the lack of “love triangle,” I still say that something more (non-romantic) could be going on there!

We barely get any comments and this is something that I think could get a great discussion going! So comment away if you have any thoughts! What do you think about Tris’ characteristics, what about Uriah?!?

(See Veronica’s tumblr at ““)


PLEASE TELL ME YOU NOTICED WHAT I NOTICED? And I QUOTE: “No love triangle in book 2.” Whoa whoa whoa… what does that mean for book 3?! I’m torn on the idea of a “love triangle”.. I don’t quite think Tris will have enough time to deal with it, what with her entire world falling apart around her and her starting a revolution and single-handedly saving Chicago. (Well, a girl can dream!)