The Official DIVERGENT Trailer and Over 160 Screencaps

Here’s the official theatrical trailer for Divergent:

You can check out the screencaps after the jump:

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Christina Revealed in DIVERGENT Character Poster


Here’s Thursday’s character poster for Divergent poster week – Christina!



Christina is played by Zoe Kravitz and for those who’ve read the book, probably have an idea of why she’s holding a knife.  As for the image of the tattoo, I do hope we find out what that specific one means.

via Huffington Post.

Five New Divergent Stills for You to Use in Your Fan Art!

OK, initiates, time to get creative! If you have a knack for making edits and gifs, now is your chance to be featured on the official Divergent movie Tumblr! For details on how to make this happen–see below.  (By the way, here are some new stills!)


Dearest fans,

We are sharing 5 exclusive stills from Divergent to use for your fabulous fan art!

Create your artwork in PHOTO or GIF format and submit it by either:

1) uploading to our Submit form or

2) tagging it on Tumblr with #Divergent. 

We’ll select your art this week to be part of the DIVERGENT Tumblr page!



The Fandom’s Visit to the Divergent Set

In May, Summit Entertainment generously invited The Fandom along with other fan sites—Divergent LexiconDivergent Fans, Divergent Movies, I Am Divergent, Divergent Examiner, Divergent Guide, and Divergent Society—to visit the Chicago set of Divergent.  While in Chicago  we got to chat with the amazing cast and crew,  hang out on set where we had the privilege of watching a scene be filmed, saw some remarkable concept art, got an up-close view of the costumes, and even had the chance to do some Windy City sightseeing, which included a ride on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel–in the gondola, of course, as climbing is prohibited!  Another of our stops in the city was the Abnegation neighborhood located at 600 S Wells.  The uniform, square, Abnegation gray houses were built for the film and visible from the road; however our group had the opportunity to go inside the fence and see the houses up close while they were in various stages of completeness, as you can see below.


In addition to this incredible experience, we had the pleasure of meeting with the cast from the bottom of The Pit! While we couldn’t take any photos while at the indoor set,  I can assure you it was AMAZING! The morning of our first day on set we spoke with a number of the cast members, most of which will we tell you about in future posts, but today we’re sharing our interview with Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Zoe Kravitz (Christina) who came to us as a pair.  It’s worth noting how refreshing it was to see what wonderful chemistry those two have–it’s clear they’re great friends, which comes across in the interview as they banter with each other. Overall the cast, which you’ll know if you follow them on social media, all get along so well and Shai and Zoe are no exception.  Among the things they discuss with us are their characters, favorite days on set, and why Theo James is the perfect Four!


Shailene, was it intimidating for you to come into sort of a heroic type of YA literature role?

Shailene: It was intimidating because of the word heroic. I don’t think Tris is a hero necessarily–she’s not a super hero and she’s not like an action star, she’s just a normal girl who’s put in a very elevated situation and she has to rise to the occasion. Just in the same way had it been Christina who had been in this situation, she would have risen to that event. I don’t think that Tris is more special than anyone else, she’s just the one that has to be girl who has to get her sh*t together.

Zoe: (laughs) Get your sh*t together.

Do you relate to your characters in any way?

Shailene: You relate to yours a lot right?

Zoe: Yeah, because I can’t keep my mouth shut? Yes I do, I do. Christina’s like, she’s brave and she’s wacky and she’s honest. I have no filter either.

Shailene: They’re both Sagittarius.

Zoe: It’s true.

Were you excited when you got the parts?

Shailene: Very excited. Yeah, I was more excited when she got the part.

Zoe: Aww.

Were you guys friends before this?

Zoe: No. 

Shailene: SUCH good friends. Yeah, we met doing this. We had a lot of mutual friends.

You guys are obviously wearing very different costumes. How much does it help you to step out of those and into Dauntless?

Shailene: You want to take that?

Zoe: Go for it. 

Shailene: Well, you see right now I’m wearing some laundry cloths…some kitchen wipes. Um, no I think the Dauntless clothes are very cool because they’re very tactical based and Carlo the designer did a really good job at making them functional as well as physical beautiful for the eyes to look at. And so to transform obviously from going into a dress to leggings that you can move and run and kick in is a pretty big difference.

Zoe: Yeah I mean the Dauntless outfits are badass–you feel tougher depending on what you’re wearing. I put on my big army boots and I’m ready to fight.

Go below the cut for the rest of the interview.

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Videos: Divergent Cast Comic-Con Party Interviews

Want more video interviews of the cast from Comic-Con?  You’re in luck!  Check out these interviews from the Summit red carpet.

Thanks to Fangirlish for the tip!

Divergent Comic Con Interview Round-up

We’ve scoured the Internet for all the Divergent related interviews from Comic Con thusfar, and now we’re presenting them to you!

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Divergent Cast: Comic Con Portraits

Divergent cast members Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lamb, Ansel Elgort, Zoe Kravitz, Amy Newbold, Zoe Kravitz, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Miles Teller, and Christian Madsen all posed for Entertainment Weekly‘s beloved Comic Con portraits. Check them out!

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